A prime-time address to Congress is the most-watched speech a president delivers. About 52.4 million tuned in for President Barack Obama’s first address in 2009, more than any other he delivered during his eight years in office. So when President Trump steps up to the rostrum of the House of Representatives for the first time on Tuesday night, he will address what could very well be the biggest audience of his entire term.
How will Trump use that once-in-a-presidency opportunity? He should use it to make the Democrats own their strategy of obstruction by reaching out his hand in a spirit of bipartisan cooperation — and daring them to refuse it.

Since Trump took office, Democrats have adopted a single theme: Resist! They have refused to support the majority of his Cabinet nominees, much less cooperate with him on any legislative priorities. This is the Democrats’ Achilles heel. They are so blinded by hate that they cannot bring themselves to work with Trump even on the areas where they could forge agreement.