Now in office, it’s time for President Trump to deliver on his campaign promises. A critical one will be his promise to destroy the Islamic State. CNN recently reported that the Pentagon has already developed a set of options for Trump to review, purportedly including significantly increased American military forces and the deployment of thousands of ground troops.

The question is: What plan of attack is likely to appeal most to Trump? As the President evaluates the options, his operating style and his worldview will pull him in distinctly different directions.
From an operating standpoint, Trump consistently seeks supremacy, views all deals as having winners and losers, and prefers a muscular approach in achieving victory. His promise on the campaign trail to “bomb the s—t” out of ISIS, his support for torture and his call to ban all adherents of the world’s second largest religion from entering the United States reflect this operating style. He routinely derides others as “losers” and “chokers,” while referring to himself with superlatives: I have the best words, I am the least racist person, I alone can fix it, etc.